Temperature Changing – Lilac – 705


Temperature Changing – Lilac – 705


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Description :
As the name implies, temperature changing nail polish, also called Thermal polishes, change color depending on a change of temperature. When our body temperature changes or this nail polish is exposed to a different temperature, it undergoes a chemical change and the colors subsequently become different.
Here’s are some common occasions when temperature changing nail polish will change colors:
• Running your hands under warm or cold water
• Holding an ice-cold drink
• Holding a hot cup of coffee
• Playing with snow
• Drying your hands under a hand dryer
• Taking food out of the freezer
• Cooking or baking
So, if you’re holding a snowball in your hand, your nails will change color. However, once you drop your snowball and your hand temperature goes back to normal, your nail color will go back to their original color too.

  • Surprisingly color changes with the temperature to create superb nail art effects.
  • Healthy and environmentally friendly ingredient. Formula without any harmful substances and smell, safe and non-toxic to skin and nails.
  • An exquisite, high-shine formula that’s free of nail-weakening chemicals and isn’t tested on animals, cruelty-free nails.
  • No need to cure nail polish in UV or LED light. Normal Nail polish application.
  • Suitable for professional salon beauty shop and at home personal use.

Specifies :
• Type : Nail Polish
• Net weight : 10 ml
• Brand Name : Beromt Cosmetics
• Effect : Glitters in Light

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  1. Surekha Rodge

    This stuff is awesome, Nail Polish is nice and changes colors as described. Love it!

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